What is a Pre-Order?

Pre-ordering is a purchasing method that allows customers to reserve or secure an item before it becomes available for general sale. When purchased it is then sent to our manufacturer to produce and then sent back to the Amaurosis Team for quality inspection where they will then ship it out to YOU! the whole process generally takes 3-8 weeks for orders to start shipping out after our site closes! 

Don't worry though! You have our promise that you will be FREQUENTLY updated EVERY step of the way, we are not like other brands, we won't ghost you when it comes to your order, your order with us is our top priority. Make sure to check your email for us, or check our Instagram ( for pre-order updates! If you want a more direct response please just email us at! 

The Amaurosis team will clarify when a drop is a pre-order or pre-made, please make sure to be attentive on drop details on whether it is pre-made, pre-order, or a mix of both. It is absolutely vital to understand that all orders processed during a pre-order will have to wait generally 15-60  business days after the pre-order time frame concludes before the order is shipped depending on the quantity of items sold throughout the pre-order period. The Amaurosis team will update all customers periodically throughout a pre-order on the status of their order. A more specific time frame of when orders will arrive will be confirmed by the Amaurosis team after the pre-order time frame concludes.

We are not a fast fashion company, we like to ensure all the clothes purchased from us are durable and up to the standard of quality to satisfy all of our customers, and leave to them with clothes that will last them as long as possible!

TL;DR - Make sure to read whether our drop is pre-made or pre-order to avoid confusion! PRE-ORDER IS 3-8 WEEK WAIT TIME!

Please make sure to follow our Instagram/socials for detailed updates on the progress of orders, or feel free to contact us via email at